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Freitag, August 23rd, 2013

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A little colourful group in the main-shopping -passage in Singen Hohentwiel.

If you go from the trainstation inside the city, maybe your view stripes the cobblestone on the ground.

There is something written. You can read with chalk, in big, childlike letters: „Wir wollen schenken“, „Alle Bücker umsonst“. And you  standing in a picture of a big book.


A stressed looking mother is passing fastly with her son. The boy wants to rest and looks with big eyes to the little market on the side of the street.

But the mother takes his hand and draws him away.

A guy with black and green coloured dreadlooks, looks after the both. He talks to the woman and after some sentences she cames back and with pretty smiles she looks around in all the different books.

Other passants standing in front of the long table and looking over the offer:

Thrillers, novels, children’s books, encyclopedia, textbooks. Everything for free? Yes.

A guy is asking the group: „Are you strange? What bring it to you when you give all this stuff away? Where did you steal that? Where are you came from? Did you fallin from the sky?“

Another one says: „I realy wanna give you money. I cannot sleep if I take that for free“


Almost everyone have this one idea in the head: I just become something, when I give something for it. Mostly this something is money, otherwise its work.. Everything has a wealth, and I have to pay for, if I need it. I HAVE to pay, otherwise I am out of order, I am strange, I am a thief, I am a parasite or something else..


There is something free. And none wants to make profit with it. Its not a new promotion idea. we just wanna share knowledge, we wanna share things that some one doesnt needs anymore but that still can be useful for some other person. and we do not wanna follow this unlogic logic of profitmaximization.


Some reasons why we founded the freeshop in Hauptstraße 12, Singen Hohentwiel.


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